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What does 'for' mean and what is its function? Hi, This is a little long sentence, but I only wonder what the first 'for' mean and where its clause ends? "For she was frightened, the depressed person confessed to the trusted and convalescing friend, profoundly, unprecedentedly frightened by what she was beginning to feel she was seeing and learning and getting in touch with about herself in the grieving process following the sudden death of a therapist who for nearly four years had been the depressed person's closest and most trusted confidante and source of support and affirmation and - with no offense in any way intended to any members of her Support System - her very best friend in the world."
Nov 5, 2012 1:27 PM
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It is a conjunction in this sentence. It means ''because''. Another example is ''The man could not see, for he was blind''. (''because'' he was blind) It is a fairly archaic use. There are a list of co-ordinating conjunctions which are useful to know. There is also a mnemonic to remember them. For And Nor But Or Yet So (spells 'FANBOYS') The clause ends at ''...trusted and convalescing friend.''
November 5, 2012
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