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looking for a verb I'm looking for a verb that describes the action of a person blowing warm air from the mouth to warm his cold hands. Please put it in a sentence, thanks a lot!
2012년 11월 5일 오후 1:32
Answers · 6
there exists no single word for it. You have to describe it in multiple words. He blew into his hands to keep them warm He let his warm breath warm up his hands He breathed into his hands to warm them up
2012년 11월 5일
He breathed through the mouth to warm his hands.
2012년 11월 5일
He blew into his hands to warm them. I agree with Sivaprasad.
2012년 11월 9일
Thank you! And how about blow warm breath into his hands? Is it ok too?
2012년 11월 7일
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