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What does "swing a deal"mean?! Debra: Randall now claims to have evidence on three other murder that he committed in the Miami area and he wants to come clean. He wants to lead investigators to where he buried the bodies. Queen: That's nice of him. Debra: I think his lawyers are just trying to swing a deal.
Nov 5, 2012 3:31 PM
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It means coming to an agreement with a judge to reduce the sentence. 'Swinging' here suggests that Randall's lawyers are using the tactic of helping the police find the bodies so Randall can avoid a heavy sentence (which may well be death). The 'deal' is what is also referred to as a plea bargain. Plea bargaining is a significant part of the criminal justice system in the United States; the vast majority (roughly 90%) of criminal cases in the US are settled by plea bargain. Critics of this (and it seems that Queen and Debra are) say that this practice interferes with the correct legal justice.
November 5, 2012
make a deal, make a business transaction
November 5, 2012
Swing a deal is a phrase which mean lets have deal in vice versa mode..!
November 7, 2012
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