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letter writer I have read lots of passage involving letter writers, I don't know what is it. In China, No writer writer through letter. who can indroduce something about this?for example: The critic Edmund Wilson was not a self-conscious letter writer or one who tried to sustain studied mannerisms. Nor did he resort to artifice or entangle himself in circumlocutions. The young, middle-aged, and old Wilson speaks directly through his letters, which are informal for the most part and which undisguisedly reflect his changing moods. On occasion-in response, perhaps, to the misery of a friend or a public outrage or a personal challenge-he can become eloquent, even passionate, but that is not his prevailing tone.
Nov 6, 2012 7:35 AM
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A letter writer is someone who writes letters, like a beer drinker is someone who drinks beer. The passage is describing what kind of letter writer he was. He did not present himself through his letters with a specific literary style. Instead, his style changed as he aged; he also used different styles for different purposes. In the future, people may write, "Ruby was not a self-conscious email writer, or..."
November 7, 2012
Could you give a sample passage?
November 6, 2012
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