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what does "As opposed to the rest of us"mean? 【The next day he informed Ken O'Donnell and Larry O'Brien, his two chief political advisers. Congressman Albert Thomas of Houston, who was present, recalled later that the three of them “fell over backward.” She had never been to Texas or the Southwest; hadn't, indeed, been west of Middleburg since the election. When Salinger told the press on November 7 it was news everywhere. Lady Bird wrote her from the ranch, “The President's on page five, Lyndon's on the back page, but you're on the front page,” and Charlie Bartlett, a newspaperman and family friend, phoned Kennedy that a St. Louis news dealer had informed him, “That girl's got brains.” The President commented dryly, “As opposed to the rest of us, I suppose.” But to her he said, It really shows, doesn't it? When you aren't around all the time, you're so much more valuable when you do come.” Clearly he was delighted.】 1.does "That girl's got brains." mean "she is cleaver?" 2.what does "As opposed to the rest of us"mean? "It really shows, doesn't it?", what does this "it "indicate? 4.does "When you aren't around all the time, you're so much more valuable when you do come" mean "if the president do not come here, people here will support him more?"
6 нояб. 2012 г., 10:42
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1. The girl is definitely intelligent and probably clever. The two words are not exactly synonymous. 2. Meaning the rest of us are different or should be considered different. "Usain Bolt is extremely fast - as opposed to the rest of us." In this case, the statement is sarcastic - "Are you saying the rest of us DON'T have brains?" 3. It = the fact that she is smart 4. If he visited all the time, it would not be noticed as much. When the visit doesn't happen very often, when it does, it brings out more people and there is more news coverage.
6 ноября 2012 г.
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