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How to raise the level of spoken English? My spoken English is not good.Is there anyone who can tell me how to improve the spoken English as soon as possible?
Nov 6, 2012 2:31 PM
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If it's for a test, practice the language you need for the test. If it's for a job interview, practice the language for the interview. If it's for traveling, practice the language for traveling. One rule of thumb is to master a past tense, a present tense and a future tense, some modals (can, can't, should, may I, would but can't) As you go along, add TONS of vocabulary (time, food, places, days, verbs, things, people, intangible nouns (freedom, happiness, air, time, colour, thoughts) and adjectives) You also need communicative/survival expressions Sorry, I didn't catch that... Can you say that again more slowly... What does that mean... I heard what you said but I don't get the meaning... Can you say that a different way... Do you understand what I'm trying to say... I didn't understand the first part you said... I didn't get that last part... Actually, having an advanced memorized list of these survival phrases is an awesome way to LEVEL UP your learning by just conversing in a skilled way with native speakers. Native speakers (especially monolinguals) don't understand the challenges of learning a language so if you have a repetoire of advanced conversational problem-solving phrases memorized, you can learn a lot from just talking with a native speaker. The trick is to know enough basic grammar (past, present and future) and vocabulary to start the conversation, and then use the communication/survival phrases to build from there. IMHO Worked for me in Korea and Japan, where people are really hesitant to speak to foreigners in their own language. I really had to persist and talk first, and keep talking :-) though they aren't really good at correcting mistakes. English speakers will tell you more directly when they don't understand, which makes it easier for learners!
November 6, 2012
Hello ! Three steps are very important in Learning a Language. 1. To read the Language. 2. To Listen that Language 3. To speak that Language. If you will follow these three steps , certainly very soon you will completely manage that Language. To overcome step 3, please make friends and start talking with them ! Moreover I can give you help in English Learning. If you want you can contact me, Very soon you will learn good English , Good Luck ! Javaid Azim ( Community Tutor English / Urdu )
November 6, 2012
Thank you.I'll accept your opinion.
November 7, 2012
Practice talking with English speakers. Listen to songs, and watch movies in English. (with Chinese subtitles) Keep practicing and you will improve! :)
November 6, 2012
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