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what is "the Mass of the Angels"? 【Patrick Bouvier Kennedy had died in the oxygen chamber of a Boston hospital. When the doctors announced that it was all over, Pierre Salinger had seen the stricken father weeping in an adjacent boiler room. Kennedy wept again when he told his wife and once more after the Mass of the Angels in Richard Cardinal Cushing's residence on Commonwealth Avenue. Only the President and the prelate remained in the chapel; the others had left for the Brookline graveside. In his grief the father had put his arm around the little coffin. He could do it—it was that small—but he couldn't carry it, and the old Cardinal had rasped, “Jack, you better go along. Death isn't the end of all, but the beginning.” At the Brookline grave Kennedy had lingered again until nearly everyone had gone; Dave Powers had watched him lean over and touch the ground and say softly to himself, “It's awful lonely here.” Then he returned to his wife, to comfort her after what had been the penultimate misfortune which can come to a woman. All fall her convalescence had been the chief concern of his private life. And afterward, after the total eclipse in Dallas, she would remember how she had told him, “There's just one thing I couldn't stand—if I ever lost you . . .Her voice had drifted off, leaving the unthinkable unspoken, and he had murmured reassuringly, “I know, I know.”】 1.what is "the Mass of the Angels"? a kind of Mass only for infant? or does "the Mass of the Angels"is just the euphemism of that dead infant? "Only the President and the prelate remained in the chapel;"does "chapel"here indicate to Richard Cardinal Cushing's residence(his home)? or, does "residence"here has some other meaning? "after the total eclipse in Dallas",does "eclipse" indicate the death of the president?
Nov 6, 2012 3:11 PM
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1. The Catholic "Mass of the Angels" is held for children who have died. 2. The chapel is that part of the church which is set off for private worship and prayer. The main service is held in another part of the church. However, a house, especially the house of an official of the Catholic church, might have its own chapel, again, a small area for private worship. 3. The eclipse means the assassination in Dallas, yes. If one event eclipses another, it overwhelms it and makes people concentrate on it and forget the event that is being eclipsed.
November 6, 2012
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