Is it possible to surpass US in the near future? A friend Daniel asked me, if China could surpass US in 50 or 100 years? My answer is, "Maybe, but difficult". Actually, in China, the biggest problem for young people is "unfair". When you are not born in a rich family or do not have the parents of officers, you are extremely difficult to be promoted in your career life. The guys of "affluent 2nd generation" or "powerful 2nd generation", their starting maybe far exceed your effort & diligence in all life! Some guys always said, you might as well have a good father as make effort or work hard. That is the real situation in China at the moment. Young people hardly get a respectable life, no money, no house, no car, no good education for kids, how come to contribute to our country and our people? That's absurd! The high wealth gap and "unfair" is really dangerours to us and next generations. If the wealth and power in the society will only let the "affluent 2nd generation" or "powerful 2nd generation" to enjoy, what about the other people? Do they have the dream? Do they love our country and our people? Absolutely not. Their only dream might be a small house or a steady job with salary. That is crazy! Several decades of years ago, some elites tried to establish a new China with democracy & science. That will make progress for country and people. What about now? In fact, our domestic demand could't be increased, unless our people become rich and don't worry about the insurance of retirement, medical care, education for kids, etc. It will take a long time to solve these problems, as well as "unfair" issue. Please try to ask yourself, do you have the "Chinese Dream"? Or similar as other guys, just have the "American Dream" in memory? What is the difference? Only the economy gap? I don't think so. In my estimation, the most important is, if you're diligent enough, you will get success in US. Maybe disparity also existed, but far better than our environment. chenyibing
Nov 7, 2012 2:13 PM
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The facts that the affluent are benefiting of the poor is unfair but it's quite normal as it has always been the case every where and for all times. Think about what an economy have to be in a globalized world where each one is searching the less expensive cost for produce... They have to find an answer to this challenge so that the money gained so much toil would not leave China. But meanwhile, your country has also the possibility (even if its system is not equal to mine that I cherish for its democratic value) to limit the wealth of EVERY ONE. So, if your country is very intelligent, it must LIMIT every one to have more than a certain riches. It's simple : the money would not leave your country too quickly as it's shared and all this money could be stocked and used to buoy the economy as long as necessary. It's the research of harmony with no one except the government too much powerful for totter it. Hence the problem that your country has to invent a new economic model which allow him to keep its money in a safe manner. No one has found it until now in any system but our capitalistic one is not the better as we have seen it with the manipulation of rates such as the Libor by the Barclays and others banks... Then, your country has to think about who will try to cheat him from the inside and who are the possible theft and robbers. That's purely a Chinese sort of philosophy according to me, and your civilization has already proved that you're capable to act so in this way for long time. The poor of your society would benefit automatically of your riches if you know how to put them available and hinder the transfer in foreign countries by yours. Your economy is still re-birthing, so I don't doubt you will develop enough in the years coming for stimulate jobs creation, growth and all sectors who will allow to create much more others jobs...
November 7, 2012
Don't be worry. I've got more confidence into the government of your country, to make the rulings necessaries, than mine for instance or those of USA even with Obama at the helm yet. The IMF has said that your country would be the first powerful nation as of 2016. I imagine it should certainly take more time even though the Western economies are declining enough quickly, but the IMF is not known neither for being too much optimistic. What you're saying is exactly what are the challenges that Xi Jinping along with the Princelings would have to stimulate for make your country attractive to his people. But they're certainly obliged to take a few time for not mistaken themselves, as for instance about the visas that people could use to leave China as it's already the case due to the pollution.
November 7, 2012
With Obama as president.... it will be easy.
November 7, 2012
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