A question about での I have a question about this double particle. I need to understand when to use it. で---> refers to the location of an action の---> refers to the "action noun" 例えば アメリカでの運転、会社での仕事、日本での旅行 My question is, do you use this when you are describing an action with a noun?
Nov 7, 2012 3:24 PM
Answers · 2
Yes. You're right. For example, "レストランでの食事" is described as "meals in a restaurant." As you find, it doesn't complete a sentence itself. "レストランで食べる(食事をする)" is described as "I have meals in a restaurant." It's a sentence.
November 19, 2012
Hi, there Yes, as you say, we use it with an action with a noun. アメリカでの運転 driving in America 会社での仕事 job in the office 日本での旅行 trip in Japan
November 8, 2012
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