Question about a rich and powerful country Two thousand years ago a rich and powerful country cut down its trees to build warships, with which to gain itself an empire. It gained the empire, but, without its trees, its soil became hard and poor. When the empire fell to pieces, the home country found itself faced by flood and starvation. The story shows how a powerful empire rose and fell. Do you think the story SUGGEST that trees made the soil hard and poor? If not, what do you think the story sugggest? Thank you!
Nov 8, 2012 2:54 AM
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Trees are an important part of a healthy ecosytem. The presence of trees slows soil erosion by preventing winds from blowing the topsoil away. As you know, the top couple of inches of soil are where the micobiology live. Healthy topsoil (with fungi, bacteria, organic matter, humus, protozoa) supports the rest of the web of life; smaller trees, shrubs, ferns, plants grow in. So, when you cut down big trees, and their roots die, it compromises the soil and leaves the land open to erosion. Without tree and plant roots to dig through the soil, how can minerals and nutrients come up from the ground and into the leaves and flowers and fruit? Without the roots, the soil gets compacted and hard. If the soil is hard, plants can't grow well. if soil is compacted, water runs off rather than going down into the soil. I compost because I like gardening and so that's what I know about how soil is connected to healthy plants.
November 8, 2012
Hi, Vmusic, It's very good of you to answer my question.
November 8, 2012
你好 Sanya, I think you mean: Do you think the story SUGGESTs that because of no trees, the soil became hard and poor. Well the story suggests two things: 1) the people who built the empire were not wise 2) the story suggests that we should take care of the earth What stories suggest is somewhat up to interpretation, and if you know the author, usually you'll know what ‘message' they suggest in their stories. This is especially true in modern Hollywood where movies 'suggest' certain behaviors to us. I imagine that here you don't know the author. But I hope those ideas help you. Blessings!! Alex I hope that helps Alex
November 8, 2012
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