spruce up,get up, renovaton, decorate, they all mean renewing the house? 1. We spent nearly30, 000 yuan op sprucing up the house. 这次 2. He spent four days getting up his house. 3. We are considering a house renovation, but we need to find someone to do the labor. 4. Having someone else decorate your house is much simpler than doing it yourself
Nov 9, 2012 2:13 AM
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To begin with, “to renew” regarding a house means to “to restore to a new or fresh condition”. With that in mind, “to spruce up” means to make minor changes. It can be said about things like buildings, parks, other places, and even about one’s physical appearance. Additionally, “to get up” is not something that I have heard regarding a restoring a house. I live on the West Coast of the US; fdmaxey lives in the southern part of the US. Where he lives, people may use the that verb in that way. In other words, it could be based upon the region where one lives. Generally, it means “to arise from bed; to climb; to dress; to find within oneself; or to act as the creator of something”. These then would not be related to restoring a house, using these meanings. “To renovate” also means the same as “to renew”. One can fix up, restore, repair, or renew the condition of a car, a building/structure, etc. This may involve minor or major changes. This is not used about the a person’s physical appearance. Lastly, “to decorate” simply means to place decorations somewhere. These decorations may be inside a structure like a house, or they be placed outside in the front yard. Plus, you can decorate a Christmas tree for Christmas or decorate a cake. As you can see, some of those verbs can be related to more than renewing or restoring a home/building.
November 10, 2012
"Sprucing up" usually means minor changes, fixing things that need repair and adding new decorations. "Getting up" a house would mean (to me) straightening up the house and cleaning it, making sure everything was neat and in place. Little or no rebuilding. "Renovation" means major repairs and rebuilding - putting in new windows, putting in or taking out a wall or completely tearing out the inner parts of a room or rooms and rebuilding. "Decoration" could just mean adding pictures. The word I would hear more is "redecorate", which can mean something like renovating. It could also mean something less, though, like replacing furniture, with not rebuilding.
November 9, 2012
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