Saeed Gharaati
Which one is correct? "do sport" or "play sports"? I studied a book named "Focus on IELTS". "Use verb do with general word sport" it says. I also looked up "sport" in and saw some example sentences like; "Do you play any sports?" So, I wonder which verb is used with sport? do or play?
12. Feb 2013 17:42
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Hi Saeed, Both are correct and widely used depending on the context. In AUS, we have many ways of saying do and play in connection with sport and all of these are valid, including your example: Do you play any sports? Do you do any sports? The kids do sport on the weekend. The kids play sport on the weekend. What sport/s do you do? What sport/s do you play? Jamie plays sport in the morning. Jamie does sport in the morning. :) Cheers mate!
12. Februar 2013
do sport = UK play sports = US You saw "do sport' in an IELTS book, which uses UK English, and you saw "play sports" in an American learner's dictionary site from Merriam-Webster. I agree with Mike that "He does several sports" sounds fine in the US.
12. Februar 2013
In the USA, people say"play sports" and not "do sport."
12. Februar 2013
In the U.S. we often say " I don't do___" to signifiy that "It's not my thing", or "I'm not that into that", "I'm not a big fan", or that is "I don't particularly like that thing". --> Are you big on sports? --> I dont do sports. In any other case if you dont want to emphasize that you dont like sports or aren't so interested in it, you would just say "I dont play sports/ football." They might ask you "do you like___" but here "Do you" means "are you in the condition of". But "do" probably wont be your response unless you have a particular disinterest or unliking of sports
12. Februar 2013
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