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I want to studi my english. Help me please!!!!!
2008년 1월 6일 오후 10:42
Answers · 4
A very good idea would be to take lessons. If that is not possible in your area then this page should help you as well. There are many people who are eager to help. :) A simple conversation through MSN or Skype is a real help!
2008년 1월 8일
find someone here at i talk!
2008년 1월 17일
Я тоже пытаюсь тут английский доучить...грамматику я знаю, так что можешь обращаться
2008년 1월 17일
Dear Andrey if you want study English easly and funy visit this website when you visit it tell me something bye
2008년 1월 17일
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