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What is the difference between он ест and мальчик ест, for a picture of a boy eating? Im using Rosetta Stone software for Russian, it shows you pictures and says and prints Russian words that go with the pictures. I can not tell the difference between this one. Both pictures are of a young boy eating.
7 Oca 2008 02:45
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I assume they mean the same. он(he), мальчик(baby boy). Sorry if that wasnt much help im still learning...
7 Ocak 2008
It's Rosetta's bug. Any of this pictures can be sounded like "он ест"(he eats) and " мальчик ест"(a baby boy eats) ))))
8 Ocak 2008
I use Rosetta Stone only to improve my pronunciation. Recommend you study grammar by another program another program
9 Ocak 2008
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