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I am visiting Beijing in April 2008 cannot speak Mandarin. Can anyone help me with basic Mandarin.
Jan 7, 2008 4:54 PM
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hi, Jeff, i am from China, ande speak Mandarin. I am studying in the UK now, maybe I can help you with your basic Mandarin (free). Please contact me:
January 8, 2008
你好 ni hao ---> hello 你好吗 ni hao ma ---> how are you that's basic Mandarin you should know.
January 7, 2008
It's too late to learn to spean chinese now. You can ask somebody who can speak chinese give you some paper, write common used sentences on the paper. Show chinese people the proper paper when you need somthing. Or you can talk with the young people looks like high school students or college students, these guys can speak english. Wish you a good trip.
January 16, 2008
first welcome yours coming .as you know i am a chinene boy i think i can do well at this place call me and i will help you my e-mail is and my phone is 8613513487097 you can send mssage to me
January 12, 2008
How basic you means? Words/sentences you need to find your hotel/airport? You may find some basic language book to guide you. Oral communcation skill? You may need to find a native chinese speaker for 1:1 practice. I would also like to be your tour guide(free) during your trip if you feels fine with it. (I'm looking for a English speaker to improve my oral english.)
January 8, 2008
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