Dmitry Anykeen
Phrasal verbs? There're extremely hige amount of phrasal verbs in english and i need to know is there a rule or a way for learning it? When i try translate texts from russian into english i realized that i don't know what phrasal verb i should put in. So i'll be grateful for giving me some advise))
Apr 17, 2013 5:12 AM
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Dmitry Anykeen, Dmitry Anykeen, Phrasal verbs often include adverbial prepositions like out, in, through, over, back, etc. These function like the prefixes in Russian verbs: вы, в,про, пере, etc. Sometimes they change the meaning of the main verb, other times they give it a perfective aspect. I would recommend a good dictionary where you can study the general meanings of these adverbials. For example: вы = out высказаться = speak out, express/state one`s opinion up = Russian perfective aspect eat = Did you eat soup? = вы ели суп? eat up = to eat all of (something) Did you eat up the soup? = вы сели суп? The phrasal verbs that don't include prepositions must be memorized--there is no other way to learn them. It takes a long time to master a language, perhaps a lifetime of study. Good luck!
April 17, 2013
huge number If it is countable, it should be number. Amount of sugar, number of spoons. . Phrasal verbs are a pain because the words often have little connection with the over all meaning. I suspect you just have to learn them I'm afraid you just have to get over it. Look into them. Check them out. Stick to it. Set up a plan to learn some each day? Pick a few out that you can use today? :)
April 17, 2013
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