I can't understand what the first sentense means. What were the parents keeping in mind? "When I was my step-daughter's age, I remember my own parents saying to me all the time 'You've never had it so good', but I could never quite understand what was so good about it. There was the music - the Beatles and the Rolling Stones - and the new fashions, mini-skirts of course, but they didn't really change much for most of us. I've got a job when I left school, a real dead-end job it was, too. I was working in horrible office, nine-to-five, or more like eight-to-six, and in the evenings we had dinner and watched TV - black and white, of course."
Apr 18, 2013 9:41 AM
Answers · 7
The parents thought that their daughter (the speaker) had a much better life than they had when they were the same age
April 18, 2013
Sorry for taking advantage of your post to ask another question about the term of " a dead-end job " which appeared in the same artical. Does it mean a hopeless job that you just repeat the same work over and over again and you can't expect any opportunity of advancement? If anyone knows the answer, please help explain. Thank you very much!
April 18, 2013
当我还是我丈夫前妻女儿的年纪的时候,父母一直对我说,你的生活从来没有这么好过,现在过的很好。I GUESS
April 18, 2013
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