How to say did not? for example, how do you say " why didn't you wait for me" or " why didn't you get angry/ he did not get angry" . do you use 不 , 没有 or something else?
Apr 24, 2013 12:16 PM
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‘不’,‘没有’ or only ‘没’,and ‘没有’ is equles to '没'. the small difference is that '不' emphasises the Subject's will, S DON'T WANT to do that, but '没' tend to declare the fact it didn't happen.'没' is only used in past tense. but '不' is used in future or present tense. try to think about this sentence : 我这次没生你的气,不代表我永远不会生你的气。
April 25, 2013
why didn't you wait for me——你为什么不等我? why didn't you get angry——你为什么不生气? he did not get angry——他没生气。
April 24, 2013
不 is used for Chinese "to be" (是) and present tense 没 is used for Chinese "to have" (有) and past tense
April 26, 2013
" why didn't you wait for me" ——“你为什么不等我?or 你为什么没有等我?” " why didn't you get angry"——“你为什么不饿?” (normally we don't use "没有" to express we are not hungry.) "why he did not get angry" ——“为什么他不生气?or 为什么他没有生气?” Normally you can use "不" or "没有" , just pick one you like.
April 24, 2013
1.为什么你不等我 为什么你没有等我 为什么你没等我 2.为什么你不生气 为什么你没有生气 为什么你没生气 3.他没生气
April 24, 2013
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