der Unterschied Ich bin verwirrt, was die Unterschieden zwischen sind: Anspruch, Forderung, Bedürfnis, Verlangen?
May 2, 2013 5:38 AM
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你看见这些德文词就糊涂,我能理解。我估计这是因为中文的 你有什么要求? 里面的要求都能翻译成Anspruch, Forderung, Beduerfnis, Verlangen. 我试一下给你说明区别: Anspruch 可以说是你期待的结果, 比如:ich moechte ein sehr gutes Examen machen. 很好的考试结果是你的Anspruch. Forderung 是比较粗暴,无礼的要求,比如在大街上晚上碰小偷:Gib mir dein ganzes Geld. 这是个Forderung. Beduerfnis 是你自己感到你缺什么,平时很基本的东西,比如你饿的时候,想吃什么,说:Ich moechte etwas essen. 这是一个Beduerfnis 的表达方式。 Verlangen 是你自己有一个很强很强的愿望。比如你在德国很长时间只吃面包,但是你最大的Verlangen 现在是吃一碗中国米饭:Ich moechte so gerne mal wieder eine Schale echten chinesischen Reise essen.... 希望这样能帮助你一点。还有问题可以问我。
May 9, 2013
Anspruch (requirement, entitlement) - your right to get something Forderung (demaind, claim) - your asking to get the thing you are entitled to Bedürfnis (need) - the basic needs you have (e.g. food, drink, air, etc.) Verlangen (desire) - the wish to get things you like (e.g. cake, wine, love, etc.)
May 2, 2013
hi,are you still on line
May 2, 2013
I am confused, which differences between are: Requirement, demand, need, demand? I'm sorry..I don't speak German but I can answer in English . REQUIREMENT. Sometimes when you go for a job..the requirement for the job is that you need to speak English, or the requirement for the job is that you can type. DEMAND. Demand is to ask for something, but you are not actually asking. You are demanding. GET ME THAT BOOK! GET YOUR HOMEWORK DONE! you are demanding. You are not asking them. You are telling them. NEED...is when you actually need something. You are poor, so you NEED money to be able to buy food. A NEED has to be met. To be able to buy a house, you NEED to have money. However, a need can also be a requirement. Its just a different word. You can also say you REQUIRE money to buy a house, because you NEED to have a house for your children. Hope this helps.
May 2, 2013
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