Linda Li
about telephone code and computer cable why is telephone code but computer cable, why aren't telephone code and computer code.or telephone cable and computer cable?what's differen't between cable and code?
May 4, 2013 11:18 AM
Answers · 3
Well, a code is a rule for converting a piece of information into another form or representation. In your case a "telephone code" could be a password or passphrase. And a cable is most often used to wire two things for example a "computer cable" could be the power cable or the ethernet cable. Hope that helps.
May 4, 2013
telephone code is part of a telephone number; it's a number. Cable is a physical cable. Totally different things. Codes abound in computers - code names, code numbers. International Country codes, Currency Codes ...老鬼
May 6, 2013
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