TRUE, FALSE OR NOT GIVEN I have a homework about IELTS exercise and I am confused with this question, could you help me please. Thank you. Countries still disproportionately with their geographic neighbours. Over rime, however, world output has shifted I to goods whose worth is unrelated to their size and weight. The question is : Most countries continue to prefer to trade with nearby nations.
May 6, 2013 10:12 PM
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I think the answer is probably "true." You are told that "Countries still disproportionately with their geographic neighbors." I presume you left a word out of the sentence, and that it should say, "Countries still disproportionately trade with their geographic neighbors." If so, then "most" countries do continue to trade with nearby nations." (However, what I have said is not 100% true, because we are really told only what countries actually do, not what they "prefer" to do.)
May 6, 2013
Sorry - I meant check the statement that the question refers to
May 7, 2013
Please check your question. What you have written is simply not English. There are 3-4 mistakes, and I very much doubt such mistakes would be in an IELTS paper!
May 7, 2013
The question is not quite understendable. But if your question is: Mostly, countries continue to prefer to trade with nearby nations? Answer: It's not necessarily true. Countries opens their markets to their nearby nations, that's true, but the stronges brigdes of tradding are with the biggest countries: Like USA, Mexico, China, etc. For example, My country is Dominican Republic, and we do trade with our neigbors, Haiti and Puerto Rico, but our bigges trades are with USA, Spain and China.
May 6, 2013
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