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what does "I was all left feet" mean? Dugger was far more sensitive- than he seemed. He was painfully aware of his appearance—big, red-necked, tough, unfeeling; a poster of police brutality. His incongruous horn-rimmed glasses didn't help. They gave him the look of an angry owl. He had never been able to correct the impression, partly because he was so inarticulate. Repeatedly he had stood in this hospital with stricken relatives in need of a word of comfort. He had none to give. He didn't know what to say. Afterward he would explain to his Episcopalian minister, "I was all left feet."
18 mag 2013 10:31
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To feel or be very awkward or inadequate in performing a certain task. Usually refers to an inability to dance. "I feel like I have two left feet; I can't dance at all." But, by extension, can be used to describe any situation in which one feels awkward or inadequate m
18 maggio 2013
It means that leaving him without taking any care of him or keeping in a distance.
18 maggio 2013
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