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Kylie Dy
How do you guys read Korean letters? -__-
May 18, 2013 10:41 AM
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Since Korean words are boxed based its always read from left to right, down to left to right for example: " 않 " (left right 아 down right to left ㄴㅎ) (않 is just to make sentences into negative structures) "ㅇ" is silent (*Consonant* unless its used at the end which makes a "ng" sound but in this case its just silent) "ㅏ" (is a vowel and makes a "ah" or an English alphabet "A" sound ) "ㄴ" (*Consonant * and it sounds just like an English alphabet "N") "ㅎ" (*Consonant* sounds like an English alphabet "H") But you can always study and memorize the Korean Alphabet very easily! here: Not 100% what you mean in you're question but I hoped I helped XD
May 18, 2013
I basically just memorized the characters and its equivalent letters or use. :) After you memorized it all, you can read korean already and you'll learn eventually how to combine the single characters into words. (I hope I am not wrong with the terms, but yeah, I hope I helped)
May 18, 2013
I hope this will help :)
May 18, 2013
Kylie Dy
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