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Когда артикли "a" "the" не употребляются? Не понимаю, объясните пожалуйста. For example, "smile of a child"-ваш американский детский канал. Почему перед словом smile не употребляется "a", а употребилось в другом месте. Почему нельзя сказать так: "a smile of child" or "a smile of the child"...Почему так неправильно? Спасибо.
May 18, 2013 12:14 PM
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Я полностью согласен с Оксаной по всем точкам, хотя можно сказать "He is at the school" в ОЧЕНЬ особых обстоятельствах, обычно когда вы указываете на город, действие после "school", или не школа вам неизвествна. Например: 1. Friend: "Where did your grandfather John attend school?" Mom: "He was at the school in Boston, that prep school... but I am blanking out on the name." (Вот мы употребляем артикль, чтобы зачеркивать "ту школу", которая известна, пожалуй, и подруге и маме.) 2. "Where is Wally?" "Wally is at the school volunteering." (Обычно говорим, когда думаем про определенную школу.)
June 5, 2013
We don't use an article: 1. to talk about plural and uncountable nouns or when talking about things in general: I'm terrified of heights I'm into drum and bass. I hate cheese. 2. before countries, towns, streets, languages and single mountains: I'm from China. I've climbed Mount Everest. She speaks French. 3. Before some places and with some forms of transport: I live at home with my parents. I came here by car. He goes to work by bus. 4. In exclamations with what + uncountable noun: What beautiful weather! What loud music! What disgusting food! 5 Before a common noun used in its commonest sense: Man is mortal. Iron is a useful metal. 6 In certain phrases made up of a preposition + noun: Examples are: on foot, at school, from top to bottom, at home, in bed, by train, by car, in debt, in hand, on earth, at noon, on board, in jest, at best, at worst etc. He is in debt. (NOT He is in the debt.) He is at school. (NOT He is at the school.) He spent the whole day in bed. 7 In certain phrases consisting of a transitive verb and its object: Give ear, set sail, take heart, send word, catch fire, take offence, leave office, leave home, leave office etc. He took offence at my words. (BUT NOT He took the offence at my words.) She left home in the morning. (BUT NOT She left the home in the morning.) В данном случае в названии телепередачи артикль просто сокращен также он может быть опущен в названиях, заголовках статей для краткости или благозвучности Но вот посмотрите есть слова одной песни Incognito Smile Of A Child Lyrics: Chorus: There's no song like a love song (love song) No love like true love (true love) No smile Like the smile of a child Как видно артикль на своем месте :)
May 28, 2013
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