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what does "running account" mean? The swiftness of the blow intensified the national trauma. There is no way to cushion the shock of an assassination, but the knowledge that fantastic events were in progress at that very moment, coupled with the maddening uncertainty, had created a havoc which had swept up tens of millions of Americans. The immediacy of a running account, however piecemeal, outstrips any report of an accomplished fact. If a thing is done, it is done; if it is being done, the spectator feels that the outcome may be altered—may even feel that he himself may alter it. Audiences are under the illusion that they are on stage. In a sense they are. Their yearning puts them there.] what does "running account"mean?
19 мая 2013 г., 2:45
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in this example "running account" means news information that is constantly being updated. usually when people say "running account" they mean : being given information as an event is happening. ex. "I followed a running account of the events at the Olympics on TV" ex. "The reporter gave a running account of events through Twitter."
19 мая 2013 г.
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