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How do you say "input devices" in Italian? I know the meaning of "input devices", but I don't know how to translate it into Italian
May 19, 2013 3:34 PM
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dispositivi di ingresso might work? I found it on an Italian language computer website here:
June 26, 2013
我很想学意大利语,喜欢意大利的文化、历史、时尚及美食。7、8月就会去学.现在只能 用汉语回答 "input devices", 是“输入设备” 。比如计算机的 鼠标、 键盘都是 input devices“输入设备”;相对的打印机、显示器都是 计算机的 output devices"输出设备"
June 8, 2013
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