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What does it mean by "felt need"? Thank you.Sorry, my question was so confusing due to the lack of context. Here is the whole sentence: we consider the idea that the loss of traditional forms of storytelling based on tight social structures has led to the felt need to associate public memories with particular places and things. Does the "felt need" means the need that people can feel or something like that? Thank you
2013年5月19日 21:15
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Yes, I think your interpretation is correct.
to "feel a need" means simply to want, or to desire strongly, or to long for something. Used in a sentence one might say "I felt the need to tell you that you are such a lovely person." or "I feel the need to say something that I have been keeping silent for some time." or "I have always felt the need to go to Florida at some point in my life." There are countless ways you can use it, so if you have any more questions, feel free to ask !
Can you provide the entire sentence?
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