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"아직 난 모르지 않아요" 모르다 is the opposite meaning of "to know", but i heard the tittle Korean song ""아직 난 모르지 않아요" so why 지 않다 can be combined with 모르다 in that case and what does it mean?
20 мая 2013 г., 7:00
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tks so much, perhaps i was typing incorrect, that should be 모르잖아요, a kind of exclaimation in Korean
21 мая 2013 г.
Original text is '아직 난 모르잖아요.' '모르잖아요' is short form of ' 모르지 않아요' But the meaning is totally different. 모르지 않아요 = 알아요. ( I know) : typical negation sentence. 모르잖아요 = 몰라요 ( I don't know @.@) ex) 춥지 않아요: It is not cold. 춥잖아요 It is cold. 맵지 않아요: It is not spicy. 맵잖아요 It is spicy. When we explain the state and propose a idea or express dissatisfaction in following sentence, koreans say like that.. ex) 비가 많이 오잖아요. (그러니까) 공원에 가지 말아요. 이 옷은 너무 크잖아요. (그러니까) 사이즈가 다른 옷으로 바꿔주세요.
20 мая 2013 г.
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