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Ich verstehe nicht die Wörter 'ja' und 'da' im Deutsch... It might be a silly question, but the words "ja" and "da" confuse me a bit. Could someone clarify for me how both are used and when they can be used? Examples I know are: - 'Man kann weiß ja nie, aber...', "You never know, but..." - 'Hier und da scheint es mir, dass...', "Now and then, it seems to me that..." How do the two words work grammatically in these sentences? Danke!
2013년 5월 20일 오후 12:42
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'Man weiß ja nie, aber...', "You never know, but..." => In this case, "ja" is more or less working as a filler word. It underlines that the speaker is saying something important/intimate. It's often used in sarcastic/ironical remarks, as a self-affirmation, slendering or to express that something is (actually) commonly known (even if it's not). Popular examples: "Ich habe es dir ja gesagt!" => Meaning: Look, I was so right! "Du weißt ja, dass ich letzte Woche Martin getroffen habe. Heute erfahre ich, dass er nächste Woche heiratet. Warum hat er mir das nicht selbst gesagt?" => In this case, "Du weißt ja" means "You know because I told you". "Man weiß ja nie, aber..." => "Man weiß ja nie" is usually used to express an adverse conduct towards the person one is talking about. Neighbours, colleges and so on.
2013년 5월 20일
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