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Guys, please, correct this text, if it's not so hard for you. This time I’d like to tell you about the best experience of my life. For the very beginning I want to say that music is one of the most important thing in my life. Especially rock music. My favorite rock music band is Louna. But actually I’m not going to stop on the story about Louna and will apply myself to a task. I’d been waiting for their concert for 5 years and in April 2013 they visited my city. When I heard that they were going to visit us I could hardly control my feelings, everything was mixed up: joy and unrest. The only thought in my mind was : God, they’re going to play in my city! Soon I could see all those posters all around, and all my friend were so excited they couldn’t even think about anything else. I bought a fan-zone ticket, but I might’ve bought a better ticket but I knew I will be able to see the concert pretty well at my sit. Anyway, I even managed to get closer to the stage so I could see everything.
May 20, 2013 2:46 PM
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May 20, 2013
Well, the concert was amazing, the sound was great and of course my Louna guys – they were incredible! After the concert I managed to have a little talk with musicians, get their autographs and even make photo with them. The only thing I could feel – the happiness. All those guys who came to the concert were going to stay a little bit longer after the concert just to talk and have fun, and they even invited me to join them… I might’ve joined them but I knew that tomorrow I must get up really early and go to university, so I went home. So to be honest, this is it. I hope to see my Louna band next time and feel this incredible feeling again.
May 20, 2013
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