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What does tie,dry,scrub,and pushand pull in bangla mean? Tie your shoes Tie this knot I have to tie my shoes Let the clothes dry outside Scrub the floor I will scrub he floor Push the door Why did u push me? Pulp tue door Pull it Pull me up
May 21, 2013 8:58 AM
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to tie = বাঁধা (badha) I have to tie my shoes = আমার জুতা বাঁধতে হবে (Amar juta badhte hobe.) to dry = শুকানো Let the clothes dry outside = কাপড় বাইরে শুকাতে দাও (Kapor baire shukate dao.) to scrub = to wipe = মুছা (muchha) I will scrub the floor = আমি মেঝে মুছবো (Ami mejhe muchhbo.) to push = ধাক্কা দেয়া (dhakka deya) Why did you push me? আমাকে ধাক্কা দিলে কেন? (Amake dhakka dile keno?) to pull = টানা (tana) Pull the door. = দরজা টান দাও (Dorja tan dao)
May 29, 2013
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