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what is these mean?? 얼마후 김황성작가는 아버지와 함께 자수를 했고 7번방에 입감했다. 이처럼 영화 7번방의 선물은 김황성작가의 경험이 담겨져있다. 흔히 교도소나 구치소 생활이 두렵고 무섭기만 하다는 생각은 편견일까? 영화에서 보듯 교도관과 수감자, 한 방을 사용하는 수감자들의 관계에서도 사회 속에서 볼 수 있는 일상적인 일들이 일어난다는 것이다. 교도소, 구치소는 김황성작가의 따뜻한 7번방의 시나리오가 그렇듯 사회 속의 또 다른 사회가 아닐까? 물론 경험해서는 안될 일이다.
May 21, 2013 9:06 PM
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Rough translation would be like this, and the film '7번방의 선물' is really good, you should see it if you have a chance. Sometimes later, the writer 김황성 gave himself up to the police with his father and he was sent to the 7th cell in the prison. So some parts of the film '7번방의 선물' would be the real story of the writer according to his experience in the prison. Then the idea of 'staying in a prison would be frightening and scary' is just a 'prejudice?' As you can see in the film, even among the relations between the prisoners and the guards, something in common happens we can expect in everyday life. Wouldn't the prison be another society in our society as his scenario tells us? Of course you should not experience what it is like staying in there.
May 22, 2013
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