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how to raise a kid ? We have a topic next week about different people from all over the world have their own way to raise the kids,so would you help me to deal with it? what`s your opinions on it ?
May 22, 2013 3:21 AM
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What I will share is about the Filipinos' way of raising a child (in GENERAL). I believe that Filipinos are considered to be FAMILY-ORIENTED. This means that the Filipinos put great emphasis on nurturing good relationships among family members. This also has great connection with the Filipinos' CLOSE FAMILY TIES, one of their known cultural values. After a child is born, the family plans about the child's Christening / Baptism ("Binyag" in Tagalog). The purpose of this is to welcome the child into the Christian world. Activities like going to church every Sunday proves that most of the Filipino parents put great concern on their child's religious character. It is believed that a child becomes more close to God by ATTENDING & LISTENING to the Mass or Eucharist (Eucharist is the central act of worship in the Catholic Church). Another way on how Filipino parents raise their child is by teaching him/her on how to talk in a polite manner. They make use of the words "Po and Opo" to show their respect to older people. Here is an example. TAGALOG: Pwede PO bang makahingi ng isang baso ng tubig? ENGLISH: Can I have one glass of water? Filipino parents are also very supportive to their children. In relation to this, many Filipino parents consider EDUCATION as one of the most precious gifts they can give to their child. Because of this, the Filipino children developed a value that even after finishing their education, they will continue to support their parents. The details I said above may serve as a basis on how Filipinos raise their children. Cheers! =)
May 22, 2013
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