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How many endings in French are not pronounced? I understand most letters and even plurals can be silent in spoken French, but how many words have tricky pronunciations?
23. Mai 2013 08:33
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Usually, if a consonnant is alone at the end of a word, there is a 50% they are not pronounced. We think it's the following vowel that makes them sound. For example : Stressant (pronounced stress san) and Stressante (pronounced stress santt) But what makes it difficult is, there is a large number of exceptions. For example, usually "s" are not pronounced, but there are words like "cassis" where you do pronounce it. I think this might be because of borrowed word, some kept the original sound even though it's not logic in a French perspective. You just have to learn them as you go because some don't make sence even when you try to get it. (for example, you don't pronounce the "c" in "banc" but you do in "bac". You can pronounce the "t" in "but" but you don't have to, it`s a regional choice). So don't over think it, see it as a spy would : a challenge.
24. Mai 2013
Yep, Plural "s" is always silent. Silent too the t and d at the end of words: mont just like mon, pend etc..... French is tricky...
24. Mai 2013
Hi ! It's difficult to answer in general to your question. Maybe you should submit examples ? Then answers could be preciser. Best
23. Mai 2013
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