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does “E Street ” a name of a street, or an one-way street? Milt Gwirtzman, another Harvard classmate and a member of his staff, offered his Mercedes, and in it Ted, Milt, and Claude streaked down Pennsylvania Avenue, around the White House on South Executive, out E Street, Virginia Avenue, and the Rock Creek Parkway, into Georgetown. Milt ignored red lights. Beside him Ted pointed warningly to onrushing cars with one
2013年5月23日 13:04
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"E street" is a street name. The north-south streets are named with numbers and the east-west streets with letters. When the alphabet runs out, the streets continue alphabetically with a set of two-syllable names, followed by an alphabetical set of three syllable names. The streets which run diagonally are named after states.
Looking at Googlemaps it's the name of a road.
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