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is there anything to do with the announcers? His station had resumed its regular program. Four blocks beyond the zoo there was another break—the network was speculating that some members of the Presidential party, perhaps even President Kennedy himself, had been shot. Nothing was firm. Station routine was abandoned for a running account of developments in Dallas, but the announcer was being exceptionally guarded.】 does that mean the Liz group stopped? what does "but the announcer was being exceptionally guarded"mean?
May 24, 2013 10:11 AM
Answers · 2
The network was speculating that there had been a shooting, but the announcer who was broadcasting was being careful not to give out unverified information on the air even though he suspected something was wrong.
May 24, 2013
I do not really understand your question. What is the Liz group? As for the announcer being exceptionally guarded what the writer means is that the announcer was not speculating about anything, only giving out information that he/she was sure of.
May 24, 2013
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