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Does this make sense? (JAPANESE QUESTION) I heard someone say this, and I don't exactly understand what it means: "わたし もうどうして いか わからない よ。" Would that be this: "私 妄動して 如何 わからない よ。"? Does this make sense? If so, what does it mean? Would it be "I don't understand how I am acting blindly"?
May 24, 2013 11:54 PM
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「わたし もう どうしてよいか わからない よ」means "I don't know what to, I almost give up." Maybe a speaker was about to cry or in some troubles, correct? "私 妄動して 如何 わからない よ。" doesn't make sense. I wonder where you get these sentences such as 相楽くん things, from TV?
May 25, 2013
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