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Does 좋겠어 actually mean i wish? can you give me several examples how I can you use this word.
25 de may de 2013 1:26
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Yeah, more literally it's like "It would be good if..." Adj/Verb+(으)면 좋겠다 is how you would build a sentence. I hope the weather is nice tomorrow = 내일은 날씨 좋으면 좋겠어 I hope there's a lot of food = 음식이 많으면 좋겠어 I hope you did well [on a test] = 잘됐으면 좋겠다 I wish I were dead = 죽으면 좋겠다 You only need the (으) if it ends in a consonant. For example if the verb was 가다 to go, it ends in a vowel so you say "가면 좋겠다"
25 de Mayo de 2013
I don't think so? Aside from the example above, you can also say 좋겠다 when someone is talking to you about some activity they had and you want to say "Ah it's nice!" or "It would be nice!" Example: I went sky diving today. (I said this to you and you weren't with me on my endeavor) and you can say "으와!! 좋겠다!" You can also say "더 좋겠다" if you want to say "it would be better...." example: 한국에 일본보다 가면 이게 더 좋겠다. - it would be better if you go to korea more than japan
25 de Mayo de 2013
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