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Any tips on how to easily remember conjugating verbs in Spanish? Any rules that apply?
May 25, 2013 1:39 AM
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at first I struggled and avoided the verb conjugations because I was trying to find a short cut. All I can say is: DON'T BE LIKE ME. Your best bet is to just accept all the conjugations and learn the tenses one by one. It also helped when I reflected on the English language. Although the language doesn't have as many conjugations as Spanish, it still has it's inconsistencies and irregular verbs about it. What I would now do is try to get into the head of a native Spanish speaker and also reflect on how I remember conjugations in English. I'm not walking around trying to remember a bunch of verb rules, nor did I do that when I was younger. I just began to get a feel for what sounded right and what didn't sound right. I recommend you take a tense like the Present and put -AR, -ER, and -IR conjugations beside one another and look at what they have and don't have in common. Get familiar with the way they end and different things. In my opinion, the only way that they're going to get easier is if you just become more familiar with them. Hope I helped!
May 25, 2013
Being a native Spanish speaker, I recommend you to grasp the meaning of a few verbs in one person. It is not easy to remember different meanings and conjugations at the same time. So, in order to learn the conjugations, I suggest that you practice by imagining you are talking to someone in particular. For example, you say "Yo canto. Y tú cantas?" When you are confident with that, you can decide if it is more useful to incorporate other pronouns in the same tense, or continue practising the same pronouns with past or future tenses. I hope this is useful. Good luck with your practice!
May 28, 2013
You need to practice! verbs in spanish are really difficult for a non native student, yuo better fidn a native to practice with, it is the best way to learn verbs!
May 27, 2013
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