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Anyone can helpme explain these two sentences in inglish what do these two sentences mean? '' Over the last century, scholars of international relations and international law gradually parted company, This mutual neglect is no longer tenable in a wold where law and politics increasingly convege."
May 25, 2013 2:28 AM
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International relations studies how countries with different cultures can work together. International laws are made by global organizations like the United Nations. "Parted company" is an expression that means to leave each other. "Mutual neglect is no longer tenable" is a strange way to say "international relations teachers and international law teachers are wrong to keep ignoring each other". "Where law and politics increasingly converge" means "in the real world (unlike in universities where scholars are) international laws and politics are intertwined". A good example of this is Chinese and the Philippine leaders getting angry at each other ("politics") over some islands. The international law is that this is Philippines territory. But China disagrees. It will take political negotiation to prevent a war, and a legal ruling to solve their differences.
May 25, 2013
People study international politics (i.e. international relations). Other people study international law. These people, in the past hundred years, stopped working with each other. Because the world is so much more connected now, regional politics and international law keep clashing. This is something that could be studied and/or fixed by people who study IP and people who study IL. Therefore, they cannot continue acting as they do (i.e. their behavior is no longer tenable), and they must start working together again.
May 25, 2013
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