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I want to learning English . I need help
2013년 5월 25일 오전 5:38
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The answer above is right. You can ask for a tutor, a one-on-one tutor. :) Also, you can enter an English language school. Buy English books. Not just novels, but textbooks and workbooks as well that will help you. Read aloud if you want to help you improve your pronunciation. Watch English movies and TV shows. And then while watching them, try to catch up and list all the words you know that you can translate then later on, check if their right. If you have a friend who's good in English specially in pronunciation, call him/her and ask that person to help you correct the way you say a certain word, sentence, or phrase. Also, practice speaking in English even at home. Practice will help you a lot. :)
2013년 5월 26일
you ask for a tutor
2013년 5월 26일
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