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Fernando Picazo
Difference using "You and I" and "You and me" Could someone tell me? when should I say "You and I" and "You and me". And if it is possible could you give me some examples?
26. Mai 2013 04:56
Answers · 3
"You and I" are used as the SUBJECT of a sentence. You can also think of it as "We". You and I should go to dinner now. (We should go to dinner now.) You and I went to the park yesterday. (We went to the park yesterday.) "You and me" are used as an OBJECT of a sentence, You can also think of it as "Us". They gave a present to you and me. (They gave a present to us.) They couldn't find you and me. (They couldn't find us.)
26. Mai 2013
Fernando Picazo
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