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Leah Ma
TRY DOING and TRY TO DO I am always confused by "TRY DOING" and "TRY TO DO". could you explain how to use them correctly?
26 de may de 2013 5:17
Answers · 4
" I’m trying to learn Japanese but it’s very difficult." " I'll try to get there as soon as I can. (An effort is implied)" Try + to + infinitive means that something is difficult and you make an attempt to do it. -How can I remove the stain from this T-shirt? It won't go!!!! -Try using that new soap powder you saw on TV. " Have you tried using butter instead of oil?" Try + ‘ing’ means make an experiment. It’s not difficult – it might work, it might not.
26 de Mayo de 2013
Hi, Maria! I saw this question/answer and it might help.
26 de Mayo de 2013
Leah Ma
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