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is there anyone can help me with my English pronunciation?
2013年5月26日 06:52
Answers · 8
Try this. Record yourself, then listen to the recording. Can you hear the difference between you and native speakers? What's different? What specific sounds are different? Is the length of each sound different? Once you know this difference, you can begin exercising that sound. Note: exercise is different from conversation. When you exercise, you work on a specific area, in the same way that athletes and musicians practice on specific movements and musical notes over and over again until it becomes natural. For quick recordings, your iphone or Android are fine. For recordings on your computer, try Audacity (free). Good luck!
I want to learn pronounciation too.. so I join Italki, maybe we can be friend and learn together.. :)
Everybody ,depending where you're coming from, are going to have a little accent, if not I would recommend ( If you have an iPhone/iPod )to download an app call :WordPower Learn Amrican English or English with Busuu they're free and it's full of simple words that you can read or play ,I'm not sure how to say that x) but they register everyword so you can hear them ..
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