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Roland Zohrabyan
Is "dropped" the same as "slipped" if it concerns shares(finance)?
May 26, 2013 9:11 PM
Answers · 5
I would use "dropped" in terms of prices more like this: "The share price dropped by 10% yesterday" For slipped, even though it is commonly used, it doesn't sound as good to use it in the same context as the one above. Usually "slipped" you would reference it to something in mind mind because you slip from something or below something. You can correctly use it in this context: "Share prices slipped below issue price" Cheers, Elana
May 26, 2013
Thanks! But it's closer to dropped or slipped in meaning?
May 27, 2013
We also use 'dipped'.
May 27, 2013
In Finance, "slipped" is used when things decrease only slightly. "Dropped" usually means a change that is more significant. "The stock price slipped from $99.34 to $98.74. The other stock dropped from $77.00 to 72.00. The last stock plummeted from $150 to $120." "Dropped" is pretty general, though, and could be used for all of those if you didn't care about being super specific.
May 26, 2013
Roland Zohrabyan
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