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"so dramatic" means "it's absurd" or "make no sense"? CUT TO LORELAI'S BEDROOM [Lorelai is asleep in bed. Rory, dressed in her Chilton uniform, opens the door to the room and sees that she's still sleeping.] RORY: I thought you were up. It's 7:10! LORELAI: What? RORY: It's 7:10! LORELAI: No. RORY: [grabs her pillow] It's 7:10! LORELAI: [grabs the pillow back] Stop it! It's a quarter to six. RORY: No, it's not! LORELAI: Yes, it is! I set the clock for a quarter to six so it's. . . [Rory grabs the clock and shows her the time.] LORELAI: It's 7:10! Dammit. [Lorelai climbs out of bed and looks around for her robe] RORY: I can't be late on my first day of school. Do you know what happens to people when they're late on their first day? LORELAI: It's shorter? RORY: For the rest of the year, they're labeled 'The late girl'. LORELAI: Oh, so dramatic. Where's the bathroom? I wonder what "so dramatic" means. In the situation, "so dramatic" means "it's absurd" or "make no sense"? Thanks! Please help me!
May 27, 2013 3:37 AM
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Lorelai is showing her emotional frustration at Rory for caring so much about being on time, since Lorelai doesn't think it matters, so she emotes (speaks with emotional intensity) "so dramatic"--it's a common phrase that suggest the person is making a big deal out of a minor things as characters in a drama (play/tv show) sometimes do.
May 27, 2013
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