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What is the difference between the concepts? decision and solution These rules are true? - A decision is taken by a person in power, a leader. A solution is co-created by the community of interest. - A decision is made despite other views and other ways of thinking. A solution emerges from diverse views and multiple ways of thinking. - A decision is done 'to' people. A solution is created 'with' people. - A decision often needs to be enforced to ensure compliance. A solution is co-delivered by the community of interest. - A decision only succeeds while there is a powerful leader to sponsor it. A solution endures on its own merits. - A decision is fragile and prone to criticism and backdown. A solution is strong because it works. - A decision is my response to the problem to be solved as I understand it. A solution is our wise response to our collective dilemma, broadly defined. Maybe you can help with examples.
27 مايو 2013 10:16
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The statements above are not absolutes. Everybody has the power to make decisions,regardless of social position. Decisions can be made by many, and can be made FOR or WITH people, not merely something done TO people. A solution is also prone to criticism, as well as decisions, whether they be good or bad. To find examples of what I´m saying, you can look at any country that operates on democratic principles. It isn´t a coincidence that such countries tend to be the most prosperous, in every sense of the word..
3 يناير 2014
1. What's your decision? Will you go on holiday now or later? 2. Our teacher told us the solution to the maths problem after the test.
27 مايو 2013
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