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what is Ted's "expedient of temporary confiscation"? In the staid Metropolitan Club television was never watched except during the World Series. The rule was ironclad, and when the screen there flickered to life, members who didn't understand the reason tottered to their feet with outraged splutters. Then Dean Acheson stepped into the room, his eyes brimming, and silenced them with a glance. Ted Kennedy's expedient of temporary confiscation from a member of his staff was widespread.more context: [Chairman John W. Macy, Jr. of the U.S. Civil Service Commission appropriated a portable radio belonging to one of his 230,000 employees in the Washington area and charged around his office propping it on desks and tables until he found a narrow ledge where it emitted a faint signal. At the British Embassy David Ormsby-Gore retired to his bedroom with another portable and lay there alone, wrestling with private agony. The phantom voice which had advised Bill Walton to turn on his radio assumed that he had one. He didn't, so he and his two guests moved into the maid's room to watch her television set.]
May 27, 2013 10:40 AM
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It's hard to know the specifics without reading more of the book but, something bad seems to have happened. Based on what I know about Ted Kennedy, I believe it is referring to the taking of alcohol by the people there. Politicians didn't want to get caught drinking beer, so they often took it from their associates who could carry it without getting into trouble. expedient (to make quicker) temporary confiscation (to take and give back)
May 27, 2013
I think it is referring to Ted Kennedy obtaining a portable radio from a staff member. He was on the Senate floor working when he was told of Kennedy being wounded. He tried to call Robert Kennedy but the phones were overloaded. He went to his suite in the Old Senate Office Building and he and his staff gathered around a portable radio that had been temporarily confiscated from a staff member. The first part of the paragraph on page 210 talks about everyone trying to find a radio or TV in or to get more information on the assassination. Also, see pages 197-198 for more detail about Ted obtaining a radio.
May 28, 2013
I'm not clear about who or what is being confiscated here. I am guessing that Ted Kennedy and other members of Congress occasionally hid out (confiscated themselves?) in the Metropolitan Club where they were inaccessible to members of their staff who might otherwise inform them of events. So Ted's method or habit of going to the Club and being temporarily out of touch from his staff, was either well-known among his colleagues or widespread in the sense that they also did the same thing.
May 27, 2013
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