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It would be funny if... Which would be more correct, I was thinking it would funny if my four year old looked for something guide by hs neither. So which is correct, ' Estaría gracioso si' or 'sería gracioso si' I think the second because the essence of the act is funny. Is this right?
2013年5月27日 13:50
Answers · 2
The second one is the correct,in Spanish we use the verb "ser" ( to be) with the adjective "gracioso". Esa niña es graciosa . Sería gracioso si te pusieras ese disfraz. Hope it helps .
In this case, is the second one, I agree, because, as you said, your sentences is about the situation. But, pay attention to the following. La niña está graciosa... it means she is specially funny today, or maybe she is dress in a funny way. La niña es graciosa.... it means she is always funny. Regards,
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