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B. Dee
What does '들쿗댱' mean? It's super slang that I can understand it. It is used like this: 들쿗댱ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ흐흐흫 아우 그래도 좀 기다렸어염 들다 is to listen right? But I'm not sure if that's the meaning of 들 in the word there. But last sentence is well we've been waiting for you or we've been waiting for brother, right? Kkkk~ Thank you. :)
28. Mai 2013 07:09
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I'm not sure if it is proper to study slangs. I would avoid internet and cellphone language. 들쿗당 means 들켰다 (들키다. got caught). They tend to add 'ㅇ' (당, instead of 다) to make it cuter. 아우 그래도 좀 기다렸어염 means "Ugh but I did wait a little" 아우 here means nothing.
28. Mai 2013
B. Dee
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